Armchair Astrologer Series

armchair astrology
I just love astrology.  This ancient science is filled with so much wisdom and guidance.  At Four Elements Astrology we want to make it easy on you. We think that everyone can learn and use the information in their chart to help guide and expand their life.

That is why we have created the Armchair Astrologer community.  Our virtual learning community includes self-paced online learning resources, handouts and most important an easy comfortable way to learn the science of astrology.

Each of our series will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin interpreting what is happening in the stars.  By signing up for our affordable courses will get everything you need to begin or continue your exploration of Astrology.

Our first series begins with the element, the foundation of all astrology.  In the next series, you will dive into the Sun Signs followed by the Moon.  The topics go on and on!

Each four-part Armchair Astrology series is available at the affordable cost of $20.00. Just Click below to get started.

Series One: The Elements of AstrologyGet Registered >>
Series Two: The Sun SignsGet Registered >>
Series Three: The MoonGet Registered >>

The Four Elements Astrology Team

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