Astrology Readings Offered by Four Elements Astrology

Four Elements Astrology is an astrologer collective that supports a network of astrologers and astrology enthusiasts.  It is the place to learn, grow and expand the network of those interested in esoteric astrology and the elements of astrology.

Our services include live astrology readings and coaching as well as audio astrology readings via our experienced astrologers.   For those of you new to astrology, we also offer a FREE Astrology Reading.   This will give you a basic birth chart along with two personal emails about your personality and life lesson!

The art and practice of astrology is based on an ancient science that is thousand years old.  Four Elements Astrology focuses on esoteric astrology and blends this science with coaching to link the distinctive happenings of you the individual using the movement of the planets through the solar system.

An astrology session allows you to access your unique quirks and idiosyncrasies with kindness and understanding and provide insight to your personality and souls journey in this lifetime.

Some of the essential things that you gain during a session are:

  • Confirmation of who you actually are,
  • Better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Validation of your unique gifts
  • And places that create challenges in your life.

After an astrology reading, you will have more insight, confidence and courage to be your true self.  Each of our astrologers holds the seat of compassionate interpreter and tell the story of the beautiful map your birth has drawn from the stars in the heavens.  Each time you have a session you experience a very powerful and potentially spiritual experience as we journey together towards a greater understanding and clarity about your direction, you behavior, and even your purpose for being here.

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