Full Moon on September 9th, 2014

full moon september 2014

The full moon is a time to integrate your intent and move into action. The moon cycle that began on August 25th is all about returning back to the day to day and how your life is organized. What have you put on hold and are now ready to get back to? Time to focus on the realistic and down to earth path. This might cause some natural tensions with the creativity energies in your world. Can you find balance between the practical and the creative aspects where dreams exist? Letting go of the how’s and letting your intuition guide the practical steps will open the door to finding the magical in the mundane. This is the chance to review your to do list and recognize the potency of the routine and mundane parts of life.

Intentions perfect for this Moon Cycle are:

  • Focusing on the here and now
  • Letting go of resistance to “cleaning up” the past
  • Creating effective systems and order
  • Simplifying and letting go of clutter
  • Embracing practical wisdom
  • Attending task and handling details
  • Completing details and tasks

Here are things for you to meditate and focus on during the full moon on September 9th – How does your intent contribute to your wholeness? What has come to light about your intention? Time begin and take an exhilarating step forward. Time to act on how you have visualized and imagined your intention within your life. Build simple wishes that support emotional closeness, feelings, and nurturing.

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