Live Astrology Readings

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30 Minute Live Astrology Reading

PRICE: $60.00
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When you schedule a 30 minute live astrology session you will be paired with one of our experience astrologers who will take you on an exciting journey that will awaken your heart and open up your awareness of your true souls calling. 

Your birth chart will be use as the foundation to answer and discuss the questions and curiosities you have about where you have been, where you are now and what paths the universe is opening up for you. You will find it a treat to have a practical down to earth conversation that includes advice and council on anything you wish to explore.

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60 Minute Live Astrology Reading

PRICE: $120.00
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An hour live session with is the beginning to unlocking your souls purpose and your true calling. You will experience a powerful transformation conversation which will increase your understanding and clarity about your personality, hearts calling, and your purpose for being here. 

This extended session will give you time to get answers the questions that have been floating in your mind or learn about the patterns that exist through your birth chart that can become your greatest life lessons.  

Whether you have had an session before or this is your first live reading, your birth chart, the placement of the planets now and where they are moving will help give you guidance on your true destiny and how to awaken to your souls calling.

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Three Astrology Coaching Sessions

PRICE: $300.00
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An astrology-coaching package is perfect for anyone who is feeling the edge of change and contemplating the steps necessary to venture into the courage zone where growth and transformation happens.

During these astrology sessions, your coach will use your birth chart as the foundation as you learn to embrace what you really want, who you really are, and ways to get there.   We can support you on this exciting journey to self (empowerment).   There is nothing more powerful for them than EXPERIENCING your own life in a different light.

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4-E Coaching Session

PRICE: $200.00
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This transformational in-person live session is the start to waking up to your true nature and souls calling.  You will experience the elements of earth, air, fire and water in a personal quest to find clarity and practical application to life’s direction and purpose that will guide you compassionately as you wake up possibilities for the future.

During an elemental session, a sacred space is created using the four elements to help bring to light the power of archetypes, and each elements meaning to illustrate your current reality.

During your 4-E, you will be guided so you can observe the current interpretation that you have of your situation from four different perspectives the elements provide – Water – feelings; Air – intellect; Earth –practicality; and Fire – energy.   You will become open a new range of understanding, intuition and insight that will guide you with a great sense balance in your life.


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