Out Of The Office – Day 24 – 30 Days of Earth

Out Of The Office - At The Beach

Could you tell?  That’s right I have been out of the office.   Yes that was me the one with the laptop sitting at the beach.    That’s how it goes with Earth.   They have a hard time playing.   Being born with 5 planets in Earth moved me to the top of the list.   But the nice thing is the lessons I have learned as my Earthy self has aged.    Here are a few that are on the top of my list:

Lesson One:  Earth people can find time to play but our play may look a little different.  Yes I am the one at the beach with my family who is making sure everyone has a chair, sun lotion on and is well hydrated.  But I am still playing and having fun.  I have learned that when I turn off the list in my head the world doesn’t end and believe it on not I am actually enjoying spontaneity.  I just am sure to pack my first aid kit and raincoat – still haven’t been able to give up my need to be prepared.

Lesson Two:  Earth people are all about loyalty – true to a fault that’s Earth.   Over time Earth learns that loyalty is a tricky beast.  Earth comes into balance when they understand that loyalty to self is where it starts.   Only way to keep sure footing is to be clear about where you are putting your feet – and understand your purpose for doing so.

Lesson Three:  Being able to nurture and support you must be a priority.   This is where Earth’s love of list comes in handy.   I now have my to do list of treats for me.   At first this was a little hard but Earth likes to be in service and that includes service to self.

What life lessons have you been taught by the element of Earth? That is your assignment for today.  Sit and reflect about what Earth has taught you.  Write it down and share one with us on facebook.

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