What’s In Your Circle – Day 29 – 30 Days of Earth


Can you believe it – we have spent 29 days so far exploring Earth and how this element impacts your daily life.   If you haven’t noticed by now Earth is the part of all of us that is responsible, grounded and stable.  The spiritual challenge and soul lesson for Earth is gaining perspective over the need to control and letting go of being a perfectionist.

So what have you learned about yourself?   Do you have a better sense of who you are and how this element influences you?   Today as we to begin to conclude our 30 days of Earth together spend some quiet time reflecting on the following areas of your life.

Think of examples of how Earth shows up and:

  • Provide you balance
  • Support your actions
  • Guide your conduct
  • Benefit the relationship in your life

Then using the wheel above or a wheel you have created, add a few words, images or drawings that reflect your value, vision and goal for Earth in these area’s of your life.   Remember that setting an intention and vision is the best way for those desires to begin to appear.

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