30 Days of Fire – Day 26

spread a little kindness


A person who is appreciated will always do more than expected.  Do you agree? Do you buy into power of random acts of kindness?  My daughter was at Starbucks recently and was told the car in front of her had paid for her drink. She in turn did the same for the car behind her and then called me to tell me about how great it made her feel.  Some critics say the stories we hear on the news are just ploys to restore our faith in humanity.

I like to think examples of random kindness are the element of Fire showing up to warm our hearts and spread a little joy.  There is a part of all of us that really enjoys getting a little extra attention and being treated or spoiled in someway. There are many simple ways we can brighten another person’s day by doing something thoughtful, nice, and caring for them.  The kindness of others is powerful medicine for healing.

Beyond the surprise gestures of kindness there are many things that happen that often go unnoticed that make our day a little brighter or easier.  Perhaps it is the person who lets you go in front of them in the grocery store.  Maybe it is getting an email from a long lost friend that brings back wonderful memories. For me it is getting a text from my daughter just to say she loves me.  Even when the day seems challenging it helps to remember the simple things that made you smile or the things you did to lift the spirits of another.

Today, turn on your fire and brighten some ones day.  No act is too big or too small.  Find away share kindness with others.  Then, tonight before bed, recall the kindness you experienced.  Then, drift of to sleep with a warm heart and happy spirit because you have faith in humanity.

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