30 Days of Fire – Day 25

shambhala tradition and warriorship


I read a post of a friend of mine on facebook who commented that she was called a “warrior.”  Like many, she has been working at not using words connected to fighting, war or violence.  In the Shambhala tradition, the definition of warriorship is fearlessness and gentleness. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche said, “the first principle of warriorship is not being afraid of who you are.” I’m still working on that one – how about you?  What are the parts of you that you hide from the world because you are afraid of being who you are?  Imagine what would happen known that when you embrace your true self and heart you cultivated genuineness, confidence, humor, and dignity in daily life.

For the element of Fire, this is a path to embrace.  Balancing the yang and yin of a warrior is where fearlessness exists in let go and explore the self with openness and compassion.  This will give way to learning about reaction and triggers that occur in any situation.  These are often covering up vulnerabilities, self–doubt and feelings of shame.  When we are triggered or put in a situation that tests us when we are not aware the tendency is to defend and attack to protect what we try to keep hidden from the world.  By exploring our inner world and learning about our vulnerabilities we can move forward with a new sense of fearlessness that is gentle and kind.  This increases each of our wiliness to let those we love in closer and develop greater intimacy and connection.

The element of Fire carries the gift of life force, and inspires everybody to generate the same. In challenging times using this definition of warriorship from above, aids strong fire energies to trust their intuition and know that when the heat gets turned up that which is sincere and true will survive the flames.  Fire has the courage to stand in the face of deception, denial, and despair, and still hold the faith that we all can come out of the ashes into a new world.  Being able to see the world with an open-heart converts old ideas into ashes and creates the possibility for something new to emerge.

For now I’m keeping “warrior” as part of my language.  I encourage you to also define what warriorship means to you.

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