30 Days of Fire – Day 21

Walking In the Sun

How’s your energy today? Did you create a few play lists?

While music is one of the easier ways to understand how energy works.  There are many others ways to get the element of Fire energized and flowing.  You see the trouble with Fire people is that when the element is out of balance you might become a couch potato or go to the other extreme and be addicted to moving and exercise.  The extreme nature of Fire is NOT a good thing.  Fire needs to learn how to energize up or down.  So, let’s just start a running list of some easy ways to move and slow energy.

Let the Sun In.  Nothing better then waking up in the morning and opening the curtains to let the natural light of the sun fill the room.  This is a great way to become energized first thing in the morning.

Taking a walk.  I do this year round.  Being out in nature and gently moving is a great way to warm the body and get your circulation flowing.  For the few times when I have a lot of build up energy a nice run is one of the best ways I know to release that energy.

Scream. Yes I have been known to scream a time or two.  Think about when you have been on a roller coaster or on a long drive and you have opened up the windows and just screamed at the top of your lungs.  Screaming isn’t only for when you are mad or scared.  Go to any playground and listen to the all the children screaming with delight as they come down the slide.

Speaking of playgrounds. Go out and play – Just for fun.  Go to the park and swing as high as you can.  Sit on the marry-go-round and enjoy feeling the wind in your hair. The older we get forget to go out for recess.

Breath.  If you need to turn down your energy slow deep breathing is just the thing.  I do this all the time.  When I am facilitation a group meeting and things get tense I often take a long deep breath and without a single cue the group will do the same.  This just slows everything down and helps people come back into their bodies.

Now it is your turn.  Think about a few things you can do to increase your fire energy and a few things you can do to slow it down.

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