30 Days of Fire – Day 23

life lesson element of fire

One key to balancing the element of fire is becoming more perceptive about the world around you.  It is important become familiar with the places where your passion or power has captured you.  These are often the places where you feel alone, abandoned or criticized. These situations create your life story and then might lead to times in the future when your shield comes out to protect or the claws come out to defend or attack.  If a situation felt bad once your automatic pilot kicks to avoid a repeat of that experience.

Often we don’t take time to reflect to re -pattern and write a new story. Rather then going down the path of would of, should of, could of, today take some time to explore a few of the contradictory values that often challenge the element of fire.

  • How can you be strong and powerful while also remaining vulnerable and receptive?
  • How can you share your truth and heart even if it disrupts the current harmony?
  • Can you create a life that balances the desire for freedom and independence with connection and routine?
  • Is it possible to be both a leader and a follower?
  • How can we stand up and fight for ourselves and not be exiled from our community and friends?

If you have not guessed these questions are a few of the life lessons for the element of Fire. If you are a fire sign or have ample fire in you more then likely you have been labeled as hot headed when you are placed in a situation where you feel you are standing in the middle of a no win situation. For fire people they like to win. But life lessons are not about winning, they are about growing. So today take some time to reflect on each of these question. There is not a right answer merely a value to develop and an off button to find which embraces a greater awareness of about your behaviors and patterns.

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