Day 22 – 30 Days of Earth – Money, That’s What I Want!

Money Money Money!

Are you happy with your possessions,  job and income?   Earth is about the material world.  It is the part of you the checks the bank balance, divides the restaurant check exactly when dinning with friends or keeps more food in the pantry then what you need.    Do you keep you piggy bank in a special place knowing that if you ever need an emergency fund you will take out your hammer and crack it open?   That is Earth!

Earth runs the risk of being controlled by money as opposed to controlling money.   Earth wants the facts – it wants to know what the results will be, how long is it going to take, and how much money is it going to cost.   Earth is the little voice in your head that has you living in fear when you think about money.  It is easy to avoid listening to that little voice.  The result what a world of scarcity would be like is what drives this fear our lives.   Fear of losing our job, thinking we will not be able to provide for our family and so on.   Fear is very destructive.  It convinces us we are living on the edge making it very difficult to persuade us to take the plunge and let our money work for us. Instead, we might watch the lifestyles of the rich and famous and wonder why we don’t have all of those material goodies.   Or we get frustrated and blame others or ourselves for what we don’t have when our thoughts go to not having enough money.

Earth is where your money consciousness resides.  Earth is often the banker, the accountant and the one counting the pennies.    They might even be the one who is busy helping everyone prosper.  With some simple shifts it can become more natural to experience harnessing money and having it work for you.  Imagine being liberated and in control.  Instead of working for money, aim to get to a stage where money works for you!  The aim is to move up the value chain of life – not up an income bracket.  Shifting your expectations and understanding of the term abundance is important for Earth to come into balance.   There are many examples of abundance.  Putting those in the equation will help to create a different relationship with the mighty buck.   Today make a list of all of the abundance you see in your life.

Create an Intention

Reflect on the following questions: 

  • What are your thoughts on working for money vs. learning to create abundance yourself?
  • What are the arenas where you are willing and trust the natural flow of abundance and wealth in your life?

Next set a personal intention for what you want – create a visual and each night before you go to bed spend time visualizing your dream.

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