North Node: What Does it Mean?

Each one of us is a soul on a mission. The more you understand the mission and your unique soul, the easier the path through this life becomes. Part of understanding that mission is becoming mindful of the places where karma and spiritual growth show up to test our resolve to compassionately move beyond doing what we have always done. We all have those habitual patterns where we stop and say to ourselves – why did I do that again even though I know my heart is calling me in a new direction. Our path on this earthly journey is not to remain stagnate – just doing the same old – same old, rather we get a chance to take off the mask, show a little more of our true self, and open up to the possibility of growing towards our life mission. Not easy and not always fun. But I believe that the universe always meets you and gives you what you need to evolve towards you life’s purpose.

That’s the beauty of the science of astrology.  With in your unique birth chart there are clues that can help you discover your purpose and direction. Funny that circle with all of the lines, signs and symbols can untangle those questions that might keep you awake at night. In a sense – it is mission control for your souls directive.

Most people know the placement of the Sun represents your personality and the Moon your emotions. But if you look a little closer, you will see a funny horseshoe-looking symbol know as the North Node. Your North Node is the place where you need to develop in order to deal with karma. In a sense, its placement gives you a glimpse of the experiences and lessons your soul wants to move towards. It is ground central for finding your assignments and road map for this lifetime. Polar opposite is the South Node, which is what your soul has already known and has brought into this life and what it wants to move away from. It is like the cookie jar that sits on the counter that you want keep putting your hand in even though you know you want stop eating so much sugar. The South Node is your autopilot. It is those pattern and habits we easily turn to when all the chips are down.

So now what? Want to take a closer look? Now is a perfect time to whittle away the rough edges and consciously work on these “life lessons” to increase your joy, happiness and fulfilment. It is time to take a simple inventory and get familiar with those hiccups, bumps or comfort zones where you know are keeping you from your hearts desire.  Maybe you are starting to realize that those internal excuses and public defenses are keeping you from true happiness.

Have no fear . . . I am here to let you in on a secret. By developing your North Node, you can actually get on the path towards fulfilment. During the summer months we will share more about our upcoming North Node series which will help you understand how to move closer to your true self.

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