Have You Been Quoted – Day 26 – 30 Days of Earth

Book of Quotes

They are everywhere – those sayings and quotes that get you thinking.  You probably don’t even know it – but your words most likely have inspired and motivated another.   Then just as you start to get lost in the ideas and begin to contemplate the deeper meaning of the quote – life happens.  The kids need to be picked up from soccer, the baby needs feeding, your partner calls and your boss emails urgently — in an instant your motivation and inspirational meditation is lost.   The idea that was so powerful . . . forgotten forever.   But, what if you could turn those motivational quotes into action and they became more then something you just read and forgot.   What if you were able to take a small action step that would help you integrate the lesson into your subconscious mind?
Often we read or hear things that spark our interest.  But for Earth people they need a little more then words  – Earth wants it to be impactful in the real world of doing.   Research has actually shown that passive learning – just reading or hearing – is not an effective way for us to retain and apply our inspiration.   So here we can all take a lesson from Earth.   By adding the simple process of taking time to reflect, dream, journal and believe you’ll become active in the learning process.
So if you haven’t yet visited our facebook page, please do!  Each day we post an inspirational thought related to our daily email.   Read the quote and think about these three simple questions:

1.    What does this quote mean to you?
2.    How does it relate to your current situation or goals?
3.    What are the steps you can take to move how it motivates you or inspires into reality?

This process increases the potential to retain and actually use this inspirational material by 100%.   Just one simple action makes all the difference.   When life is created by getting practical about the steps that bring your inspiration into real world – magic will begin to happen in each moment.

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