30 Days of Fire – Day 30

fire burning in your life


Here we are at the end of 30 days of Fire a perfect time for you to create your own definition for how you experience and give yourself permission to invite in this element. So get out your sticky notes and write your own prescription to keep the magic of fire burning in your life. Post these on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or even your computer monitor.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • I will fill each day with joy and humor igniting my joy and keeping my heart open.
  • My ability to believe in my dreams is expanding. I know that my mind creates my reality.
  • Physical activity and movement keeps my life force flowing and healthy.
    I am experimenting with being seen. I know that when people see me I am a reflection of beauty and an inspiration.
  • I am learning to use my off button when my anger and energy heats up.
  • I am creating balance between my impulsive nature and the practical world.
  • I am finding the courage to show my vulnerability
  • I know how to be disruptive in a positive way

Enjoy the energy of fire and the countless possibilities that emerge when this element is alive and warming your heart!

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