Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning? – Day 27 – 30 Days of Earth

time for spring cleaning

I use to have a work colleague who depended on me for all of his Earth.  He was not very organized and had a hard time keeping track of the to-do’s on the projects we worked on.  We would always meet in my office and that was a good thing.  You see his office was one of those places that you might see on your favorite make over show.   Papers everywhere.   In fact, during a fire drill the fire department listed his office as a fire hazard.  Then the fun began – he had the task of going through and getting everything in order.  It may have looked like a total mess, but he know were every piece of paper was and never had trouble finding just what he was looking for – does this sound like you or some one you know?   If you have ample Earth these are the people and spaces that can make you crazy.

How are you with life’s little messes?  Can you leave a mess?  Are you able to laugh at your own idiosyncrasies of order and not get to wrapped up in what others are telling you?  It is important during the spring-cleaning season to let go of our personal definition of order.  We do share the planet and our spaces with other beings.  Whether yours is having everything in meticulous order or you live on the other side of the equation – thinking that a laundry basket filled with clean clothes is a perfect substitution for a closet, trying to work your way towards middle ground is sometimes easier said than done.

So before you take out your broom and dust cloth – spend some time thinking about balance.  Your home and offices is where you spend a significant amount of your day.  Focus on creating a space that is well-organized and a nourishing environment for your daily life.   Either way take a step back and smile at the messes and try a new way of tackling them with joy.

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