Whose Team Are You On? – Day 25 – 30 Days of Earth

team work is the key

Do you know?   We are all on teams whether we like it or not.  Your first memory of being on a team may come from early in your childhood.   Playing games in the neighborhood or in gym class at school.   Then came the team projects in later years. You remember those assignments – working with a group to complete a task.  Were you the one who did all the work? Did you lose sleep wondering if everyone was going to do his or her share?   That’s the challenge with teamwork – it is great when the team is working together – but not so great when they are not.

That is not much different when it comes to the elements of astrology.  We have access to all four – Water, Air, Earth and Fire.  But sometimes we don’t access all of them.   This month we have been talking about Earth.  But you can’t have Earth without the others.   Think about it in nature.  Without water the earth becomes dry and brittle.  Without air there would be no fire to warm us on a cold night.

It is easy to favor an element or forget to use another.    Today’s challenge is simple.  Spend some time thinking about how your Earth element works with the other elements.   Here are a few words that describe the other elements to get you started.   You may have other words that resonate to you so add them to the list.

  • Water:  Emotions, Compassion and Relationship
  • Air:  Mind, Voice and Wisdom
  • Fire:  Life Force, Energy and Courage

Now take some time noticing the flow and intersections.  Does your practicality cause you to avoid emotions of relationships?   Do you find yourself not speaking your mind when asked about what you are doing?   This is a perfect way to begin to notice your habits and preferences. Set a few goals about trying ways to balance the elements – Maybe you might start an exercise program because you feel like you lack energy.   Perhaps you might read the instructions booklet when doing your next home project.  Whatever you do – life is easier when your elements are working like a team.

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