30 Days of Fire – Day 27

The Next Great Adventure


Fire is the element, which is well suited for the spontaneous side of life. With a sense of adventure and a zest for life Fire people are best suited for work where flare-ups of creative energy are tolerated. You just never know where they are going to end up. It isn’t that Fire people are taking to the open road with out a map. Rather, they are hard wired to trust their instincts. They are the one in the crowd who rely on gut thinking and trust their intuition. In a moments notice they are off and running. Often driven by a sudden burst of inspiration that thrust them into action. Those around them may have a hard time keeping up, understanding what they are up to or how they come up with their plans. Often the leaders in a group, they are the ones who shout “why not” and then take off on their next quest.

This was me as young person. Filled to the brim with fire energy and the confidence to match, there was not much that stopped me. That fiery energy kept moving. I found I was always on the go, enjoying anything that kept the heat up. Many times people would wonder what I was up to and could quite figure out what to make of my direction in life. Spontaneous but not reckless because I had learned to use the other elements to keep me in balance and complement my feisty fiery side. Earth keeps me rooted in the ground and reminded me that hard work is part of life and completing what I started is important. Air helps me to communicate what is in my head and heart making it easier for others to join and understand my direction. Water connects me to my emotions and the emotions of those around me helping me to be more compassionate and empathic. Don’t think this came naturally. Fire people have a tendency to dive head first in to life. The first step for me was I had to admit it, I could do better and at times I too, can screw up.

This impulsive nature of Fire doesn’t mean to trample on others, it just gets a little amped up when there is a chance they may loose their freedom. Fire always has its running shoes on, ready to fly off to the next adventure. Remember the Fire element is exciting when it entertains us, and liberating when it is our outlet to let off steam just don’t forget to check out those who happen to be catching your heat because they might not be having as much fun as you are! When Fire is willing to learn from the past, laugh at the ouches and embraces the “would have been better if…” life can manifest from a place of health and joy making each day and new adventure a joyous exploration.

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