30 Days of Fire – Day One

Summer Solstice

Today is the day in the Northern Hemisphere where summer begins as the Sun has reached its farthest point north of the equator.  Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year.  The hours of sunlight begin to decrease from this day forward.

The Summer Solstice is celebrated in many traditions and has a deep spiritual significance.  This is time to celebrate the bounty fueled by life-giving solar rays.  It’s also marked as the time to explore passion and desire.  It is a prefect time to let the sun in and cultivate the element of fire in your life.

To kick off Four Elements 30 Day’s of Fire we start by looking at each of the elements and embrace the unique way they flow in each of us.  The elements of Water, Earth, Air and Fire create the fabric of how we experience and see the world.

This meditation offered and designed to enhance your ability to dive deeper into the lessons offered through the element.  As we enter this practice we begin with the simple creative mission of knowing we are each a spiritual being here on earth.

You are worthy.
You are divine.
You are wanted here and you are most definitely not a mistake.
You have your own unique gifts that you need to share with this world.

Read the meditation a few times and then allow yourself time to let the words take life in you minds eye by silently sitting with a gently breath.

Element Meditation:
Welcoming in the 4 Elements

Welcome in Water.
The place of dreams and feelings that creates will and the flow of creation.

Welcome in Air.
The place of the mind and knowledge that creates breath where ideas take form.

Welcome in Earth.
The place of energy that fuels the practical and physical world –the place where service to others thrives.

Welcome in Fire.
The place of passion and creativity the place where unconditional love illuminates our path.

These elements create a sacred circle around life, reminding us of the beauty here on earth, the potential of our spirit, and our human desires.   Balance exists in welcoming in the abundance and gifts of our earthly experience.

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