The Gifts of Astrology

the gift of astrology

I remember as a young girl reading in the Sunday newspaper’s weekly astrology post looking for any clue for what would happen in the upcoming week. You see my early understanding of astrology was that is was a form of fortune telling. But more often then not I would end the week disappointed that my life did unfold like the newspaper said. The more I studied and had the chance to learn from skilled teachers my understanding and appreciation of astrology grew. When I was finishing up course work for my Chinese medicine certificate and building my coaching practice is when my love for this ancient science expanded. It is now a foundation for every modality in my healing work.

Within each of our birth charts is information about our body, personality, soul and spirit. Are you wondering if you are living your life full? Do you question whether if you are doing what your Soul signed up to do in this lifetime? Are you curious about how to live your life using your divine gifts? The goal of Four Elements Astrology is to support and help bring integration and wholeness using astrology as a foundation. We also are proud to partner with gifted teachers in other modalities to provide new opportunities for growth and self -discovery.

Our readings and classes are based in esoteric astrology, which is one of the most profoundly informative methods available for the exploration of the Self and Soul. Esoteric Astrology is focused on the causes versus the effects in life. Esoteric Astrology gives a larger perspective of life — we are not just individual beings inhabiting a little planet, rather divine beings participating in the evolution of the soul.

Looking at astrology with an esoteric lens the ascendant (rising sign) is of primary importance when trying to understanding the spiritual “possibilities” present within one’s life – the place from which Soul functions and embodies intention. The sun sign holds the clue to how your personality, through its expression, creates the prospects and possibilities of your life. This creates the capacity to understand how free will and the nature of the personality are used by the Soul to express itself. The moon sign, on the other hand can sabotage the Soul. Esoterically, the moon represents your unconscious tendencies that hinder or block the Soul from fully expressing itself in one’s life. By transforming your relationship to your moon energies spiritual growth can occur. An esoteric awareness helps in interpreting how personality traits and habits can be tamed and nurtured so your Higher Self and Soul are in harmony.

Today, more and more people are searching for an understanding of their life’s purpose and souls calling. We are here to help! Using the Ascendant, Sun and Moon as a foundation, the astrologers who are part of the Four Elements Astrology team take into account the unique placement of the planets in the house and the unfolding qualities of the soul. By gaining an understanding of life through relationship that exists between the Soul and the Self you will be reminded that all of us come with our unique gifts to share with the world. We are divine members of the human tribe – part of the web of life. Each of us are connected to our own unique divine path and purpose which was implanted at the moment of birth. This is the reason for each of our existence!

If you are feeling lost – perhaps your Soul’s purpose has becomes hidden through the passage of time and the circumstances of life. Esoteric Astrology – the astrology of the Soul is a key to unlocking your heart desire as it continually nudges you towards waking up to your soul calling.

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